Top ten Malaysian Souvenir

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Batik is a hand-drawn or printed motif, available in traditional and contemporary styles. There are variety of batik items to choose, from pareos, sarongs, shirts and dresses. Not only that, purses and household items such as cushion covers, place mats and tablecloths is also available, that will instantly give a touch of class to your home.

This is a stunning fabric laced with golden or silver threadwork. This ornamental cloth, wholly used by royalty, is thoroughly hand-woven to excellence by skilled artisans. It is obtainable as time-honored costumes as well as fine evening gowns.

Pewter ware
Elegantly expertise pewter ware is available as beer tankards, goblets, tea and coffee sets, picture frames, clocks, vases and other decorative items. Popular pewter brands include Royal Selangor, Tumasek and Mariwasa.

Various fascinating woodcarvings can be found in the city. These include the original woodcarvings of the Orang Asli or local people.

Pottery and Ceramics
Beautifully crafted pieces come mainly from the states of Sarawak and Perak. Sarawak pottery is easily well-known by their unique tribal markings and is larger in size. The distinctly shaped Labu Sayong from Perak was traditionally used as water container.

Weaved Pandanus
This is a woven screw pine leaves that is used to produce beautiful gifts and souvenirs. They include realistic and stylish bags which come in a variety of designs and colors. There are also floor mats, table mats, trinket boxes and gift boxes in attractive contemporary designs.

KLCC miniature which is one of the famous landmarks of Malaysia, Miniatures of apparatus or weapon used (Keris/Lembing weapon, Bubu from Sabah, labu sayong (water earthenware container).

Collections of various states sightings beautifully captured on a photograph.

Key Chain
A simple gift that most commonly bought by tourist.

Collections of beautiful and unforgettable paintings.

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